Jane and Louisa

And so the story goes…

We have lived in the U.S. for many years now, but our hearts will always belong to Bethlehem, the place of our birth. Thousands of years ago, a star hung over this village, but life today can be dark and difficult for the small Christian community that still calls Bethlehem home.


Decades of strife have taken their toll, pushing unemployment and poverty to record levels. Religious pilgrims no longer arrive in Bethlehem by the busload, and the little shops that line the dusty streets are mostly shuttered now, covered in graffiti.


For generations, the tight-knit community in Bethlehem has survived by carving beautiful symbols of faith from the olive trees that dot the rocky landscape. It might take several days of delicate hand carving to create a single piece, but selling that piece is harder today than ever before.


At Crafts of Bethlehem, we aim to support these Christian artists by providing a new outlet for their work. We travel regularly to the Holy Land, meeting face-to-face with the artisans who create our beautiful pieces. We know their stories, their struggles and their families.


We know how much is at stake, and that’s why we view this site as a mission, not just a marketplace.


Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas ornament, a housewarming gift, or simply a tangible reminder of your faith, we hope you will support your fellow believers in the place where hope was born.